Release 8.5 Release Notes

Deployment Date = July 9, 2021

Delegated Entity Features:

  • New Payer/LOB configuration to support the following:
    • Identify a Payer as a Partial of Full Delegated Entity
    • Send Letters to Providers
    • Display Clinical Summary on Provider Dashboard
    • Customize Return Address for Letters
  • New Template Management page at the Payer/LOB level to support the uploading the delegated entity-related letters.
  • New Delegated Entity Dashboard user role that will provide the approved user with access the Letter Dashboard.
  • Letter Dashboard Feature:
    • All letters associated to the treatment plans for those Payer/LOBs that configured for delegated entity will be displayed on the dashboard.
    • The ability to download, edit and upload letters.
    • The ability to view the status of letters that were sent via fulfillment vendor (Mail My Statements).
  • Integration into Mail My Statements for the letter fulfillment.
  • Updates to the Complete MO Review and the Approve/Reject Add Drug Screens:
    • When a treatment plan is being declined, the system will require the end user to enter notes to support the rejection.  
    • When a Payer is configured for full delegation, the system will provide the user the ability to make a final determination on a treatment plan (approve or reject).
  • Update to the Medical Office Dashboard:
    • Provide the user to generate a custom letter for those treatment plans that are associated to a Payer/LOB that is configured for Delegated Entity.

Connect Enhancements:

  • Modify the Display the Reconsideration Timeline on Treatment Plan Summaries.
  • Payer Dashboard: Increase the Character Limitation on Add Notes Popup
  • Modify Drug Import Processor to utilize archived tables instead of archived views.
  • Update DrugImportProcessor to dynamically rename views, create materialized views, and drop materialized views.
  • Decommission Patient Info Link and Associated Pages.
  • Decommissioning of the Regimen Tagging functionality.

Security Updates:

  • Provide the Eviti Admin the ability to select a reason why and account is activated, inactivated and re-activated.
  • Provide the Eviti Admin the ability to validate the TIN(s) that are associated to an account and to provide the user the ability to indicate why a TIN is deemed valid or invalid.
  • Restrict access to treatment plans on the Provider dashboard when an account has an invalid TIN.

AIM-Related Enhancement:

  • Dual Eligibility: Off pathway message 20003 thrown for all Dual TxPlans.

KB Web Enhancements:

  • Medical Policy Association Issue of policies being removed/un-selected when the user attempts to select another policy has been resolved in the rules listed below. Also, a “Show Selected Only” option has been added so you can view the associated policies only.
    • Analyzer Only
    • BioMarker Override 
    • Justification Override 
    • Justification Template Override 
    • Supportive Care Hide 
    • Supportive Care Override 
    • Supportive Drug Exclude 
    • Regimen Include 
    • Regimen Exclude 
  • Updates to Workflow Management Dashboard:
    • New Search Filter: Regimen Reason: This is a new filter that will include the following options in the dropdown (*Note, these are the reasons that appear in the Create New Regimen, Copy Regimen and Edit Regimen pop up window):
      • Active/Inactive
      • Annual Review
      • Change in Guidelines and/or Manufacturer Change
      • Change Request
      • Other
      • Typographical Change
    • Change in how regimens and/or evidence will be displayed on WFM to display those regimens that were modified last. Currently results are displayed according to priority.
    • Expanded the character count for the Add Notes option that appears in the Actions dropdown.
  • The system will include the ability to filter rules on the Medical Policy View tab by Rule Type:
    • Analyzer Only Rule
    • BioMarker Rule
    • Consensus Group Include Rule
    • Diagnosis Override Rule
    • Justification Override Rule
    • Justification Template Override Rule
    • Regimen Exclude Rule
    • Regimen Include Rule
    • Supportive Care Hide Rule
    • Supportive Care Override Rule
    • Supportive Care Exclude Rule
  • The system will default to not display the following Supportive Care Rules on the Medical Policy View tab at initial entry or when filtering the rules by Entity on the Medical Policy View tab.
  • Decommissioning of the Medical Advisory Board Report.

Operational Bugs:

  • KB Web: PIE report not showing Medicare UM Drug Information (#103640).
  • Connect: De-dupe messages for TWAD multi-cycle drugs – System Error Detected (#103066).
  • Connect: “Peer to Peer Doctor Name Required” incorrectly displayed when saving reviews opened from drafts (#103392).
    Connect: Formulary Redirection Character limit (#103355).

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