Release 6.4 Release Notes (Deployment Date = 8/11/2017)

Baseline Connect and AIM Workflow:

  • Modification to the “Add Drug” Workflow to allow users to modify the cycle range of the supportive drug that is being added to the approved care plan. This includes updates to the treatment plan builder (549009) and to the Analyzer (55684).


  • Modifying how Justifications are displayed in Advisor (54933).
  • Updating the Clinical Trials Index and UI to display more details to support the clinical trials summaries (54491 & 54477)

eviti|Advisor Enterprise:

  • Updated the Provider Dashboard to include a Provider Type Column (Medical Oncologist or Radiation Oncologist) (54268)

KB Web:

  • New Medical Policy Rule: Supportive Care Hide Rule (52585)
  • Creation of new reports:
    • FDA Approvals Report (55755)
    • Medical Policy QA Report (55681)
    • Pathway Policy UAT Report (54932)
  • Modifications to the following reports:
    • Medical Policy Maintenance Report (54636)
    • Clinical Significant Report (56649)
  • Addressed outstanding issue associated to copying templates (55742)

AIM EMR Integration (FHIR):

  • Update FHIR format for CancerType and MedicationOrder (55887)
  • FHIR Data with only cancer type failing due to no observation (56346)

Web Services:

  • Decommissioning the SOAP10 Web Services (56400)

 Data Center Migration:

  • Production Waltham deployment setup (55731)
  • Deployment Processing Performance Improvements (55722)

 Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:

  • Med Policy rules are being applied multiple times in certain scenarios (54838)
  • Med Policy Maintenance Report – The “Submit” button is too far to the right (54318)
  • EvTaskProcessor – reference command causes log error during serialization (56628)
  • Generic javascript error on attachments page (54591)
  • REST: api/advisor/transaction/create does not require an NPI (54968)
  • KB: Unable to Add Space or Special Character when Editing Omic Value or Omic Target name (55060)
  • Soap11 Documentation showing at version 10 (56470)
  • Payer-Specific value not retained when copying supportive subtemplates (56985)
  • Incorrect trial listing+server error on ‘View location’ pop up when searching using an invalid trial ID for eviti(for e.g.foreign trial,inactive trial without sites etc.) (55693)
  • Search result is not cleared when valid trial search is followed by an invalid trial search (55694)
  • Server error when searching using invalid trial ID in combination with zip code search (55695)
  • Sub templates are not being pulled when searching with brand name or HCPC during Supportive Drug Exclude Rule creation (55081)

Release 6.2 Release Notes

Release 6.2 Release Notes (Deployment Date = 4/7/2017)

Notable Enhancements:
• Background Processing: Update Local Cache and Emails to Leverage Active MQ (Micro Services) (52310)
• Separation of SOAP and REST Services (53180).
• Modify Alternative Regimen Search & Advisor Search so that Her2Neu BioMarker Takes Precedence and only Returns Regimens with Her2Neu Requirement and Corresponding Value (53202).

Support Bug Fixes & Tasks to Support Existing Functionality by Application:

AIM Workflow:
• Server Error When Accessing Regimen Print Screen via CaseID (53339).
• Duplicate BioMarker Issue (53171)
AIM EMR Integration (FHIR):
• Update Append FHIR Webservice Results to Report When Treatment Intent = Metastatic and Stage <>Recurrent (53236).
• Create a Warning Message and Send to AIM when Add Drug is Attempted via FHIR or MR Integration; block user in UI from Continuing and Display Message that Add Drug is Not Allowed via EMR Integration (53237).
• When We Receive Data that Maps but isn’t Clinically Appropriate (violates filters) Display the Warning Message that the Data Could Not be Mapped and Do No Pre-populate Value (53239).

• “In Situ” Pathologies on Landing Page Currently Allows for All Stages to be Selected (53238).
• Deleted Drug via Drug Revision is Displayed on Regimen Search Page During Next Add Drugs, although Deleted Drug is not Present on Treatment Plan (24359).
• All linked Chemo Drugs are Displayed on Regimen Search Page While Adding Drugs (*When the User Searches Using Linked Drug Rather Than the Original from Regimen to Pull it) (30364).
• CPT Code Lookup File Does Not Open in IE11 (eviti Modification Screen) (46672).
• Erroneous Justification for Regimen: Pertuzumab, Trastuzumab (Herceptin) and Docetaxel (Taxotere) (Metastatic/Recurrent, First Line) (47369).
• Javascript error when trying to print from the RegimenSearch page (53352).
• “Thread was being aborted” error at Enter Dates page (53353).

• Re-ordering of the Trial Type Names that Appear in the “Filter by Trial Type” Dropdown Box (53641).
• Modify the Message that Appears on the “Loading” Pop up Window (53651)
• Change the Cancer Moonshot Trial Icon to Cancer Breakthroughs Trial Icon (53720)
• Server Error when Searching for Trial by Zip Code After Filtering by Trial Name and/or ID (53724).

• Add “IsActive” Property to REST Services Results (53172).
• Regimen/Search Make Supportive-Only Filter Nullable in Rest Services (53229).
• Update REST regimens/history to return Parent Templates that are associated to Sub-Templates that Receive Clinically Significant Updates (50567).
• REST services that Produce (500 Server Errors) Include Stack Traces (52208)
• Update Copyright Statement to Reflect Current Year and NantHealth, Inc. (53290).
• Remove Antiemetic and Growth Factor Costs Fields from Lower Level Objects in Rest Services (53486).
• Webservices 9.0 Account Status Unable to be Set to Inactive (42561).
• Add Drug Cache Check to Webservice Ping Method (46387).
• SECURITY: Exceptions are shown in all 500 REST errors (53372).

KB Web:
• Supportive Drug Exclude Rule Only Removes One Instance of Drug From Regimen (53003).
• Clinically Significant Sub Template Updates to Update Parent Templates (50932).
• Supportive Drug Exclude Rule is Not Being Applied to Regimen (Supportive Drug Exclude Rule is Applied on Top of Supportive Care Override Rule) (53074).
• Change Max Dose of HCPC Code J9218 tot 1 in hcpcselector table (53547).