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From the Home page you can:

  1.  Start searching for evidence-based regimens and clinical trials
  2. View previously select regimens that you saved


Search for Regimens

Click the Get Started button.

Select a Cancer Type from the drop-down list or search by simply typing the Cancer Type in the field until it appears for selection.

The other fields and drop-down lists on the page will change according to the Cancer Type selected.

Complete the remaining fields as required:

Line of Treatment
Goal of Treatment
Performance Status
Height & Weight

On the right-hand side of the screen, check the appropriate boxes to view Evidence-Based Regimens and/or Clinical Trials.

Click the green Get Results button.

Click on the down arrow next to the section you wish to view.


Evidence-Based Regimens

This screen displays:
Regimen Name
Clinical Benefit
Link to Top 5 Toxicities
Cost of Chemo per Cycle
(ASP +6%)

To view all details of the regimen, click on the Regimen Name.  Details include:
Supporting Organizations
Clinical Benefits (all that are published)
Top 5 Toxicities
Chemotherapy and Supportive Drugs/Dosages

Compare Evidence-Based Regimens

To do a side-by-side comparison of regimens and their data, select up to 6 regimens by checking the box next to the desired regimens.  Then click the green View/Compare button.

Use the drop-down lists to choose 2 of the 6 to compare.

There are 5 sections of data that can be compared:

Clinical Benefits – includes all outcomes published such as:  Overall Survival, Disease-Free Survival, and Event-Free Survival

Top 5 Toxicity and Class – includes grades and percentages of toxicity

Supporting Organizations – lists all organizations supporting the use of the regimen

Supportive Drugs Need – displays the need for an antiemetic as High, Moderate, or Low and the need for growth factors as Yes or No.

Cost Comparison – includes the per/Cycle cost and the total plan cost of each chemotherapy drug as well as a total plan cost of all chemotherapy drugs combined.  Prices are ASP+6%.


Select and Save Treatment Plans

Click the Select and Continue button below the regimen you decide to use.

Enter the Patient Chart ID and click the Save Results button.

The Chart ID will be displayed in the upper left hand corner.  This is your indication that the regimen has been saved and is now available in the eviti|Connect product for pre-authorization.