Release 6.1

Release 6.1 Release Notes (Deployment Date = 3/10/2017)
New Features:

  • Allscripts EMR Integration Enhancement – Disease Progression/Recurrence:
    • In the integrated Advisor workflow for Allscripts, a flag has been added to the search filters (and save treatment screens) for disease progression/recurrence. This flag, when selected, indicates that the patient has progressed from initial staging and, therefore, the regimen search results will display metastatic regimens for treatment selection. (53688, 53689, 53399)


Tasks to Support Existing Functionality:

  • Update to Lupron’s HCPCS code J9218:  J9218 will be an available HCPCS option for dosing on 1mg or less. (53547)


Support Bug Fixes by Application:

  • Bug fix to enable the CPT Code Look Up File to open properly for users using IE11 browser. (46672)
  • Modified the URL connection with Zirmed for payers using real-time eligibility through Zirmed (third-party provider). (53719)


  • Bug fix to display biomarker fields when saving a Chart ID. (53666)
  • Change the content in the “Loading” pop up box in eviti Advisor.(53651)
  • Reorder the trial type name sin the “Filter By Trial Type” dropdown box. (53641)
  • Correct issue where server error was generate when searching for clinical trials by zip code after filtering by trial name and/or trial ID. (53724)


  • Updated REST Services to include regimen cost values for GetRegimen and GetRegimenDetails. (53397)
  • Removal of v9 Web Services. (53685)