Release 6.2.1

Release 6.2.1 Release Notes – Deployment Date 5/19/2017

Notable Enhancements:

  • Enhancements to AIM EMR Integration, specifically:
    • Upgrade to FHIR 1.6. (53751)
    • FHIR – Update Stage logic (54114)
    • Updated Clinical Data Mappings: configure and code to map all diagnosis properties from the EMR to eviti (54640)
  • Changes to index to increase performance (54532, 545433, 54534)
  • Turn on email microservices (54833)


Bug Fixes:

  • Connect:
    • Connect: Analyzer is looking for duplicated Justification and triggering unnecessary error (54646)
    • Server Error is displayed when moving forward from the Justification Question page in a specific scenario (54748)
    • Remove underlying ICD-9 code references from regimen search page since it’s no longer needed (54600)
    • Diagnosis loading times out with patients that contain many diagnosis data. This is currently most prevalent with AIM Health Checks. (54747)
    • ‘Not Reported’ marker value selection is not retained on Diagnosis page (backward navigation) (54549)
  • KB:
    • Server error when removing/deleting an existing rule from a medical policy (54597)
    • Concurrency exception error while saving a template copy (when justification is deleted before first save) (54574)
  • Advisor:
    • Advisor: Not Reported BioMarker entered during Search is not retained when Saving Treatment Plan (54925)
  • Webservices:
    • Soap 11 AnalyzerRuns not returning full results (54599)
    • Performance status in GetTreatmentPlan displays “-“ in the description (54919)
    • Change Conformance API route to Metadata: Currently the FHIR spec requires a conformance statement.  The URL route should be [base]/metadata.  Currently its [base]/conformance. (54564)
    • FHIR methods returning with incorrect formatting (54565)
    • REST API allows for XML to be requested (53784)
    • ‘Not Reported’ value for biomarkers should behave as if no value was captured for that biomarker, while still retaining the user input of Not Reported (54676)
  • Administrative Bug Fixes:
    • Admin page locking up: WSLogger methods are not using WITH (NOLOCK) in all read queries (54590)