Release 6.2

Release 6.2 Release Notes (Deployment Date = 4/7/2017)

Notable Enhancements:
• Background Processing: Update Local Cache and Emails to Leverage Active MQ (Micro Services) (52310)
• Separation of SOAP and REST Services (53180).
• Modify Alternative Regimen Search & Advisor Search so that Her2Neu BioMarker Takes Precedence and only Returns Regimens with Her2Neu Requirement and Corresponding Value (53202).
Support Bug Fixes & Tasks to Support Existing Functionality by Application:

AIM Workflow:
• Server Error When Accessing Regimen Print Screen via CaseID (53339).
• Duplicate BioMarker Issue (53171)

AIM EMR Integration (FHIR):
• Update Append FHIR Webservice Results to Report When Treatment Intent = Metastatic and Stage <>Recurrent (53236).
• Create a Warning Message and Send to AIM when Add Drug is Attempted via FHIR or MR Integration; block user in UI from Continuing and Display Message that Add Drug is Not Allowed via EMR Integration (53237).
• When We Receive Data that Maps but isn’t Clinically Appropriate (violates filters) Display the Warning Message that the Data Could Not be Mapped and Do No Pre-populate Value (53239).
• “In Situ” Pathologies on Landing Page Currently Allows for All Stages to be Selected (53238).
• Deleted Drug via Drug Revision is Displayed on Regimen Search Page During Next Add Drugs, although Deleted Drug is not Present on Treatment Plan (24359).
• All linked Chemo Drugs are Displayed on Regimen Search Page While Adding Drugs (*When the User Searches Using Linked Drug Rather Than the Original from Regimen to Pull it) (30364).
• CPT Code Lookup File Does Not Open in IE11 (eviti Modification Screen) (46672).
• Erroneous Justification for Regimen: Pertuzumab, Trastuzumab (Herceptin) and Docetaxel (Taxotere) (Metastatic/Recurrent, First Line) (47369).
• Javascript error when trying to print from the RegimenSearch page (53352).
• “Thread was being aborted” error at Enter Dates page (53353).

• Re-ordering of the Trial Type Names that Appear in the “Filter by Trial Type” Dropdown Box (53641).
• Modify the Message that Appears on the “Loading” Pop up Window (53651)
• Change the Cancer Moonshot Trial Icon to Cancer Breakthroughs Trial Icon (53720)
• Server Error when Searching for Trial by Zip Code After Filtering by Trial Name and/or ID (53724).

• Add “IsActive” Property to REST Services Results (53172).
• Regimen/Search Make Supportive-Only Filter Nullable in Rest Services (53229).
• Update REST regimens/history to return Parent Templates that are associated to Sub-Templates that Receive Clinically Significant Updates (50567).
• REST services that Produce (500 Server Errors) Include Stack Traces (52208)
• Update Copyright Statement to Reflect Current Year and NantHealth, Inc. (53290).
• Remove Antiemetic and Growth Factor Costs Fields from Lower Level Objects in Rest Services (53486).
• Webservices 9.0 Account Status Unable to be Set to Inactive (42561).
• Add Drug Cache Check to Webservice Ping Method (46387).
• SECURITY: Exceptions are shown in all 500 REST errors (53372).

KB Web:
• Supportive Drug Exclude Rule Only Removes One Instance of Drug From Regimen (53003).
• Clinically Significant Sub Template Updates to Update Parent Templates (50932).
• Supportive Drug Exclude Rule is Not Being Applied to Regimen (Supportive Drug Exclude Rule is Applied on Top of Supportive Care Override Rule) (53074).
• Change Max Dose of HCPC Code J9218 tot 1 in hcpcselector table (53547).