Release 6.3

Release 6.3 Release Notes (Deployment Date = 6/23/2017)
New Features:

  • eviti Integration with GPS Application: eviti Advisor integration through GPS application to allow single sign on access to treatment decision support provided by Advisor for GPS users (i.e. clinicians).


Support Bug Fixes by Application:


  • View Locations and Trial Details pop-ups were displaying as blank for trial IDs containing the ‘#’ symbol. These two pop-up windows now display relevant information. (54970)
  • Clinical trial sites/locations in the View Locations pop-up window will now be sorted by mileage ascending from the zip code entered, when filtering trials by zip code. (55296)
  • Clinical Trials with a state but no zipcode were causing errors on the “View Locations” Popup. A fix is in place that will prevent these errors from occurring. (55061)



  • Published a new version of NCDC (NantHealth Cancer Diagnosis Code) – minor version 2016031 (55054). Clients can remain on their existing versions of NCDC.