Release 6.5

Release 6.5 Release Notes (Deployment Date = 9/22/2017)

New User Features:

  • New Toxicities Added to the Regimen Details page in Advisor and Connect, as well as Advisor integrations to provide more information to clinicians regarding neutropenic risk. (Task 56564)
  • Removal of the Created On date from payer treatment plan summary (Task 57039)

New Admin/Back-end Features:

  • AIM Icon in Preference Management (Task 48103)
  • Clinical Trial Summary enhancement to display consistent eligibility data in Connect (same enhancement was added to Advisor in Release 6.4) (Task 56476)
  • Added enhanced QA checks to Code Compiler (Task 57103)
  • Medical Policy Performance Enhancements (Task 56972)
  • Remove REST 9 Services (Task 57057)
  • Clear out PHI Fields in FHIR (in case PHI is received) (Task 55294)

Support Bug Fixes:

  • Backwards navigation on certain pages returned users to the Home Page; fixed to always return user to the previous page. (Bug 57606)
  • On screen validation for cycle range is not kicking off when cycle ranges are given with ‘-‘ (Bug 57119)
  • Days of Administration field not cleared out when going from off-cycle to on-cycle during add drugs (Bug 57090)