Release 6.6

Release 6.6 Release Notes (Deployment Date = November 17, 2017)

Connect Enhancements:

  • Modify Add Drug Requests from the Medical Office Dashboard: The internal Medical Office will have the ability to make modifications to Add Drug Requests that were submitted by provider admins. The Medical Office will have the ability to make modifications to the drug’s Dose, Cycles/Cycle Range and Days of Administration (57609, 57610).
  • Updates to the Payer Configuration in Connect: the Eviti Admin can modify Analyzer Deviations (Error, Warning or Info) that is associated to Analyzer Deviations (57611). The system will allow the Eviti Admin to do the following:
    • Analyzer Deviation Defaults:
    • Analyzer Deviation Groups
    • Analyzer Exception by Drug
  • Aetna (Kentucky) Eligibility: Aetna will be providing their patient eligibility information via Database Membership Eligibility. Modifications were made to the system to ensure we do not need a custom solution to receive this data. Please note, this does not include the actual eligibility file (59372).

AIM’s Workflow Enhancement:

  • Updates to the Cycle Analyzer to display Warnings when Cycles are less than allowed and Errors when cycle range for a drug is increased (57785).

Allscripts Web Services Enhancement:

  • Allscripts Integration with CTCA: The Regimen Webservices was updated to include the External Comments that are associated to the Clinically Significant updates to regimens (57723).

Medispan Updates:

  • New route “IE” introduced by the medispan weekly feed this morning needs to be added to the system.  There is currently only one drug using the new route – generic name: “Lidocaine 5% in 7.5% Dextrose Intraspinal Soln”, product name: LIDOCAINE HCL/DEXTROSE (58265)
  • Remove drug Mircera from drug feed (58749)

KB Web Enhancements:

  • The View Version and Read Only Review History links that appear on the Audit Tab in “edit mode” were both enabled so the content team can view the information was updated Audit Tab. When editing enable the read-only View Version and the read-only Review History (57790)
  • Performance Enhancements for Template Management: Backend updates were made to Template Management to improve the speed in which the page functions and renders results (57846).


Support Bug Fixes:

  • REST10 Regimen Search Lite returning empty set when PageSize and CurrentPage are sent in a request (55726).
  • Eviti Connect Webservice Log report not filtering (58666).
  • Oral JCode J8705 being swithed for IV JCode J9351 HYCAMTIN, TOPOTECAN HCL (57706)
  • Analyzer throwing deviation Errors for drug-level justification in ForAddDrugs subtemplate during initial tx entry (59418)Releases