Release 6.7

Release 6.7 Release Notes (Deployment Date = January 26, 2018)

Connect Enhancements:

  • Regimen Sync Micro Services (this also impacts KB Web and Advisor): This will result in faster updates to the regimens from KB Web to Connect & Advisor (59695).
  • Dual Eligibility: the ability for the system to support a Primary and Secondary Lines of Businesses (Medicare/Medicaid) (59696, 59702, 59712, 59719, 59774, 59860 & 59861).
  • Addition of New Lung Cancer Stages to Support AJCC Updates (61311):
    • Stage IA1
    • Stage IA2
    • Stage IA3
    • Stage IVA
    • Stage IVB
  • Addition of New Prostate Cancer Stages to Support AJCC Updates:
    • Stage IIC
    • Stage IIIA
    • Stage IIIB
    • Stage IIIC
    • Stage IVA
    • Stage IVB
  • Updated Terms of Use Statement has been added to the Connect site (60864).

AIM/McKesson Integration:

  • Updates to Data Mappings to Support the Integration (59717).


KB Web Enhancements: Updates to the library have been made to help improve some of the content team’s Medical Policy processes. Below is a summary of these updates:

  • The Medical View Tab is now available on all regimens from the Workflow Management Dashboard (57724).
  • The ability to Filter the Medical Policy Rules that are associated to a regimen by Entity on the Medical Policy View tab. This functionality is available from Template Management and Workflow Management Dashboard (58512).
  • The ability to Create a New Medical Policy Rule from the Medical Policy View Tab from the Workflow Management Dashboard.
  • The ability to Edit or Copy a Medical Policy Rule, associated to a regimen from the Medical Policy View Tab from the Workflow Management Dashboard 58594).
  • The addition of the Rules Details on the Medical Policy View Tab from Template Info and Workflow Management Dashboard (59551).

Support Bug Fixes:

  • KB Web: Justification Answer and Statement fields are editable in Justification Override Rule when Hide Justification is Selected (59499).
  • KB Web: Can’t Find Regimens using “Show Only Supportive” checkbox (60717).
  • KB Web: End or Life Prompt Management Errors (59660, 59654 & 61314).
  • KB Web: Enable the “Read Only” View Version and the “Read Only” Review History of a regimen in the Audit Tab (57790).
  • KB Web: Issue with BioMarker Override Rule where we expect to see several biomarkers as one group (set in the BioMarker Override Rule).
  • Connect: About Link Pointing to the wrong location on the NantHealth website (59737)
  • Connect: Change Regimen: Analyzer is Displaying Multiple Errors that are not related to the current treatment plan selection (59629).
  • Connect: Justification questions show up for the wrong treatment when using the back out (previous) feature (59736).