Release 6.8

Release 6.8 Release Notes (Release Date = March 9, 2018)

Connect Enhancements:

  • Pharmacy Benefit Drugs (#61294 #61295 #61297 #61298 & #61299):
    • Configuration: The Part D configuration screen in the Eviti Administration area of Connect was updated to reflect Pharmacy Benefit Drugs.
    • When a drug is identified as a Pharmacy Benefit Drug, the following will happen:
      • The priority of the treatment plan will be automatically be set to an urgent priority.
      • A new Rx icon will appear next to the drug on the treatment plan that appears on all of the dashboards.
  • Drug Shortage Configuration:
    • A new configuration screen was setup in the Eviti Administration area of Connect to identify drugs that are in shortage. (#61533).
    • The analyzer was updated to trigger a deviation when these drugs are identified in the Drug Shortage Configuration (61532).
  • File Compression added to Eviti’s file provider to optimize and compress any file before it is stored. This includes files dealing with PDFs, Word, Excel, Power Point, Images, text-based files and more (#61301 & 61303).

AIM Only Enhancement:

  • The system will display the following message every time a user clicks the “Edit” option from the drug list in the AIM workflow: “When reviewing the regimens, the program may consider drug schedules (i.e. Cycles/Cycle Range, Cycle Length, Days of Administration, Frequency Per Day) in selection of an On-Pathway regimen.” (#61500)

KB Web Related Updates:

  • Advanced Search is the default search option on Template Management. Users will no longer have to select the Advanced Search icon to complete the Advanced Search form. The system will automatically display the Advanced Search functionality after the user selects a Template Type and Cancer Type (#61471).
  • The Template Info interface has been updated to display an indicator on the screen if the regiment has been identified as a pathway regimen in Preference Management. The system will also display the Entity (Payer) that the regimen is associated (#58864).

Notable Operational Bugs:

  • BioMarkers field does not get updated during the Index Loader (bulk save) (#68800).
  • Production – Micro Services couchbase pointing to dev environment cache (#68681).
  • Micro Services – Error when trying to save regimen index after publish (#68708).
  • Production exception: Unrecognized Guid Format in GetRegimensByCancerType call (#59676).
  • Workflow Review Metrics Report showing duplicate “Subtemplate change – ” entries (#61822).
  • Supportive Care Items Treatment Details are not populated (#68706).
  • System Timeouts/Performance issue (#68750).
  • About link ponting to the wrong location in Nanthealth web site. (#59737).
  • KB: Object reference error when viewing previous regimen source abstracts from workflow (#61269).
  • Connect does not return RT regimens for rad oncs when “supportive only plan” disclaimer is accepted and then CPT codes are entered after (#68473).
  • Calculated drug costs different in Connect than KB when drug’s unit of measure contains “\” and number (example: MG/92.5ML) (#61319).
  • Server error when saving a copy of a RT template that contains a subtemplate (#61405).
  • Advisor: Performance Status 0 missing from drop down on save chart ID page (#61460).
  • RegimenIndex Micro Service: Error in saving audit details when publish comments uses a semi-colon. (#61497).
  • Server Error when trying to retrieve regimen with no supportive group (evidence connectors) (#68680).