Release 6.9

Release 6.9 Release Notes (Release Date = April 13, 2018)

AIM Workflow:

  • The addition of a new RS Web Intake user on portal that will function just like the RS intake user. This new user will allow the new user to collect only drug information for a case on portal (#68973).

Allscripts Integration:

  • Update Start Transaction for Allscripts Webservice: Add missing NPIs to Allscripts user account and PORG associations in the eviti Advisor start transaction (#69056).

KB Web:

  • The old eviti logo was replaced with a NantHealth/Eviti logo in KB Web. This logo is the same logo that is in Connect and Advisor (#68965).

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Set provider accounts for AIM test harness to a non-demo account. (#68720).
  • A new driver table was created in the database that will allow us to re-calculate the cost of chemo drugs associated with an eviti code. (#68962).

Notable Operational Bugs:

  • Server error when clicking on Asparaginase from WFM Dashboard and Read Only View (#68916).
  • Rejection Codes are missing from treatment plans summary when MO Reviewer performs Change Regimen and denies treatment plan (#68936).
  • Weight-based drug label appearing on a drug in Connect (#69259).
  • KB: Object reference error when viewing previous regimen source abstracts from workflow (#61269)
  • Server error occurs when searching for clinical trials in Connect (#60715).
  • Server error when selecting justification answer that is more than 500 characters (69004).
  • Server error during add drug (68817).
  • Drug shortage deviation is not showing up during add drugs when the drug is not found anywhere (#68917).
  • Medical Policy Updates are not reflected in the Medical Policy QA or Pathway Policy UAT Reports (#69522).
  • AIM – addressed this issue related to the iframe larger than 1100px causing the button not to be displayed (#68952).
    • Note: This issue has been resolved in the test harness. Waiting to hear from AIM on how it appears on their end. This issue may not be totally resolved.