Release 7.0

Release 7.0 Release Notes (Deployment Date = May 25, 2018)

Omics Informed Eviti Advisor – Phase 1a:

  • Seamless Integration of Eviti Advisor (via iframe) into GPS Cancer.
  • Providing users of the GPS Cancer the ability to search for treatment options (regimens or clinical trials).
  • Integration of Omics data via JSON (when available) into treatment search results.
  • BioMarker Data Mapping and Drug Data Mapping.
  • Modifications to the Interface to have Advisor look and feel like GPS Cancer.
  • Associated Tasks: 68950, 68951, 69401, 69561, 69563, 69615, 70997


Connect Updates:

  • Allowing users to enter Isotopes (C-Codes) in HDR and HDRE Radiation Oncology Treatment Plans (#69574).
  • An addition to the Payer Treatment Configuration: Treatment Warning & Deviation: This new configuration will all the Eviti Admin to create a Warning Message and/or a Deviation for a specific drug or CPT Code (#69962).
    • Post Production: CPT Code 77014 will be configured so it will not be allowed for Health Management Partners.

AIM Webservice Updates:

  • Updated SOAP webservice for GetDrugs and new drug service method (AIM): The existing GetAllHCPCCodes SOAP service (part of CodeReferenceService) was updated so the service will return all HCPCs along with their associated routes.  It will also include an IsActive property (#69419).

Notable Bugs:

  • Error in generating Clinically Significant Regimen Changes report in KB Web (#70421).
  • Correct the Pricing for Lutetium Lu 177 Dotatate (#69902).