Release 7.1

Release Notes: Release 7.1 (Deployment Date = July 20, 2018)

Connect Updates:

  • Justification Prompt by Drugs: the system will recognize, display and analyze the justification for a specific drug according to a payers medical policy (#70733 & #70734, #70735, #70736).
  • Retiring the Following CPT Codes (#70731):
77413 77409 77402 77406 77414 77418
0197T 77403 77403 77785 77413 77414
77411 77414 77787 77416 77776 77418
G0340 77406 77404 77409 77416 0073T
77407 77411 77404 77402 77421 G0173
77777 77408 77412 77786 G0339 77416
76950 0182T 77407 G0340 77413  
77412 G0339 77412 G0251 77408  

Updates to Payer Configuration in Connect:

  • Provide the ability to Replace the Term “Peer to Peer” with Clinical Discussion (#71024).
  • Provide the ability to Replace the Term “Reconsideration” with “Post Denial Peer to the Peer” (#71025).
  • Provide the ability to initiate a Reconsideration from the Payer Dashboard (#71025).
  • Provide the ability to Collect Secondary Provider Data (First Name, Last Name, NPI & TIN) on the Patient Entry Screen (#71181).

Enhancements to the Medical Office and Payer Dashboards in Connect:

  • Provider Outreach Report: The Medical Office will have the ability to enter data to support their outreach to providers. The following data will be collected (#71597):
    • Reason for Contact/Outreach
    • Who did you Speak With?
    • External Notes
  • The Provider Outreach Notes will be accessible from the Medical Office and Payer Dashboards (#71599).
  • Secondary Provider Data (when collected) will be displayed on the Payer Dashboard (#71591 & #71592).

Enhancement to the Patient Entry Screen :

  • If the Payer is configured to collect Secondary Provider Data, the Patient Entry Screen will be updated to collect NPI, First Name, Last Name and TIN (#71181).

 KB Web Enhancements and Notable Bugs:

  • Clinical Configuration/Drug Justification Prompt: New management page that will provide the content team the ability associated a specific Justification Template to a drug (#70732).
  • Addressing the issue with the Medical Policy QA Report in the UAT Environment. This fix will ensure that the report is updated appropriately (#69775).
  • Modify Medical Policy QA Report to Include Supportive Drugs in “Select Drug” Filter (#68860).
  • Alphabetize the list of Pathologies and Stages associated to a Regimen in a Diagnosis Override Rule (#72378).
  • Resolve issue with generating the Workflow Review Metrics Report (#72176).
  • Resolve the issue when clicking on the “Last Modified” in the view Historical Data Page (#71229).
  • Address the issue with Excel Spreadsheets that support the templates are not appearing in Template Management (#72996).

Notable Operational Bugs:

  • Update the Analyzer to Recognize those CPT Codes that are “linked” to a Parent CPT Code, such as a C-Code or an Imaged Guided CPT Code (#72824).
  • Update the Analyzer to Recognize when a Treatment Plan is going Easy Path and there is a Multi-Select Justification Question associated to the Supportive Care Template that was System-Generated Answered (#68762 & #71635).
  • REST 10 Services: System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added error when calling Rest 10 Trial InstitutionByID (#71244).