Release 7.10

Release Date: September 6, 2019

Eviti Connect & Payer Configuration Enhancements

  • Multiple Payer Access User: Multiple Payer Access User is a new read-only role that lets a user access the Payer Dashboard and easily toggle between different payers. Payers can choose to use this role as part of their configuration (#85432, #85432).
  • Network Confirmation Configuration: A payer can configure a custom Yes/No question that asks the Eviti Connect user to confirm that the patient is included in the payer’s membership. The new question appears on the Patient Entry screen (#85146).
    • If the user selects Yes,  the pop-up message closes and the user continues with the Connect workflow.
    • If the user selects No, the system displays a custom message from the payer, the pop-up message closes, and the user continues with the Connect workflow
  • Configuration for Appeals: Payers can configure Appeals via Payer Management (#86024).
  • Radiation Oncology Workflow: The following text was added below the Image Guided portion of the Treatment Plan Builder window: “Is image guided (IGRT) or intrafraction tracking being prescribed? An incorrect answer may prevent an automated code” (#86776).
  • Modifications to Preference Management in Connect:
    • We removed deactivated preferred regimens from the Regimen View tab to ensure a more accurate view of a payer’s preferences (also called pathways) (#85522).
    • Eviti Admins can now view all preferred regimens across all cancer types, and then export the data into Excel via the Regimen View tab (#85523).

Knowledge Base (KB) Web Enhancements

  • ICD-10 Management Page: A new management page in the KB Web lets the Eviti team easily update ICD-10 codes. The Eviti team can add new codes, modify existing codes, and retire codes. Updates are based on annual modifications by CMS (, and are reflected in the ICD-10 drop-down box in Connect (#83889).
  • Drug Include Management Page: A new management page lets the Eviti team manage the drugs to include in Connect (#83887).
  • Modifications to the Pathway UAT Report: The report now includes preferred supportive care regimens (#85524).
  • Medical Policy Refactoring Phase 2: No Logic Change/Moving Code from One Place to Another to Support Drug Feed Refactoring and UI Redesign Project
  • Drug Feed Refactoring: Phase 1: New Drug System Model (KB Only). This introduces the new KB Web

Resolved Issues

  • #86937: Colons appearing in the External Name Field in Workflow Details.
  • #86088: Drug Replacement: “Copy of” text when a copy and swap is done needs to appear inside regimen in the Workflow dashboard.
  • #87501: Server error when restoring deleted template in KB Web.
  • #74032: Server error when creating new template after updating KB users role.
  • #86445: Issue with the Medical Policy QA Report in UAT.
  • #87019: Issue with the Medical Policy QA Report.
  • #86029: Sargramostin is not pulling regimen details properly in supportive templates.
  • #87101: Total Billable Units are calculating incorrectly.
  • #87017: Deviation not presented in medical workflow for chemo drugs not present in regimen.
  • #54579: Link in “Request for additional information” email does not take users to the dashboard filtered to just show record in question.
  • #59483: Cycle length validation need to update to allow for 4 digits or > 1500 days.
  • #86447: Connect: Treatment Plan Summary formatting does not support long list of Planning/SIM Codes.
  • #81019: “No Data Found” shows up when trying to create analyzer group name.
  • #86245: Regimen name is cut off on the regimen search results page.
  • #69661: Server error when attempting to edit demo payer Eviti integrated in the payer management page.
  • #85782: Treatment plan allowing two of the same type of drug to be selected (min 1 – max 1).
  • #80853: Connect Unable to create complete functional payer accounts.
  • #86023: Server error when attempting to view deviation report from modify add drug page.
  • #87126: Update GPIs for inactive versions of Doxorubicin so they aren’t accessible via Connect.
  • #87375: Eviti Preferences: Server error when import preferences from a different environment and preference level has imported file.
  • #61307: Depth-Sec-2017 Autocomplete Not Disabled on Sensitive Forms (Local Information Disclosure)
  • #61306: Depth-Sec-2017 – Eviti Application Discloses Username Validity (Username Harvesting).
  • #87449: Issue specific to a user entering a J Code, clicking Save and Continue, Questions to refine treatment, an error message appears in this workflow (Reference SalesForce case #04669264).