Release 7.11

Release Date: November 22, 2019

Eviti Connect Enhancements

  • Added Cost Savings data fields to the Medical Office Review screen (#82916).
  • Modified the Deviation Report to display all deviations associated with a payer’s lines of business (#88892).
  • Specific users in the Eviti Medical Office can now enter provider data for treatment plans that they enter on behalf of a provider office (#88717).
  • Best Practice MJV & EBM MJV Always Generates Eviti Code Modifications (#88825):
    • Compliant with Policy = Yes
    • Eviti Code Recommends Exception = EBM MJV
    • Generate Eviti Code button should appear
  • The HCPC Selector Screen now appears for Leuprolide Acetate, and displays the following codes (#88822):
    • J9217
    • J9218
    • J1950

 AIM-Specific Update

  • Retired the SOAP V13 Web Service (#89429).

Knowledge Base (KB Web) Enhancements

  • Modified the Medical Policy QA Report (#87241).
  • Modified the Pathway UAT Report (#87243).
  • Modified the Clinically Significant Report (#87245).
  • Modified the template view to remove the duplicate display of cycles (#87200).

Resolved Issues

  • #88732: Losing Cases during Change Regimen
  • #87271: Medical Office Cookies Timeout Issue
  • #88824: MJV Configuration: Compliant with Policy = Eviti Recommends Exception + Compliant with EBM = Yes should result in Generate Eviti Code Button
  • #89040: IncludedDRUGGPIs table is being populated with drugs not included by the IncludedDrugCategories table
  • #89064: Payer Dashboard: Eviti Email Link Results in Error
  • #89088: Clinically Significant Report: Multiple Choice Justifications Not Appearing Correctly
  • #88499: Cost Savings: Please Correct the Label from Cost Calculation to Cost Saving
  • #88063: Regimen Loader Failing to Save Regimen
  • #88125: Server Error in Diagnosis Compare Analyzer
  • #88187: Previous and Save and Continue Buttons are Missing from the Site of Service Screen
  • #89041: IE Browser Freezing/Slowness in Connect when Searching for Drugs

Drug Feed Refactoring Items

  • HCPC Code Mapping Management User Interface (#88860).
  • Unit of Measure Management User Interface (#86112).
  • Update Dates in KB2 to Epoch Time (#88641).