Release 7.12

Release Date: January 31, 2020

Eviti Connect & Payer Configuration Enhancements

  • Added a new Treatment Warning & Deviation configuration that handles the brand versions of a drug (#89300 & 89293).
  • The payer can configure a message that appears below the Insurance ID field to help the user enter the payer’s insurance ID (#89760).
  • The following text was added to the Attach Medical Records screen in Connect: “Due to State and Federal Guidelines which require rapid turnaround of pre-authorization requests, all records must be attached, emailed or faxed at the time of case submission. Failure to do so may result in a case being closed for a lack of adequate records which will result in resubmitting the treatment plan.” (#89238).
  • Added a new customized fax cover sheet that users can download from the Attach Medical Records screen. This cover sheet includes a QR code with details from the patient’s treatment plan. The system automatically associates the accompanied medical records to the treatment plan on the Medical Office dashboard (#83287, #84237, #84238 & #84239).

Medical Office (MO) Dashboard Updates

  • Medical office users can search for patients by insurance ID via the Patient ID field on the dashboard (#89235).
  • Updated the dashboard to reflect the actual day of the week and the date that a treatment plan turn-around time will expire (#89137).
  • The dashboard can be configured so that the turn-around time associated to treatment plans will pause during the holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas) (#89232).

Knowledge Base (KB) Web Enhancements

  • Added a new Content QA report that can be accessed via the Reports area of KB Web (#89140).

Resolved Issues

  • Payer Dashboard: Comment special characters error (#89593).
  • Connect: IE browser freezing/slowness when searching for a drug (#89041).
  • Connect: Zofran/LORAZEPAM is searchable in the system although the drug does not exist in the system (#89226).
  • Connect: Searching for a specific drug by HCPC was not returning results (#89242).
  • Connect: Variables not being populated in automatic emails that are being sent to providers (#89455).
  • Connect: Link in “Request for additional information” email does not take users to the dashboard filtered to just show the record in question (#54579).
  • MO Dashboard: Medical Office Triage unable to attach records to existing case (89688).
  • Payer Dashboard: Eviti Email Link Results in Error (#89064).
  • KB Web: Unauthorized user can generate a KBReport and see the real information (the page is not secured) (#89702).
  • KB Web: The issue with the “Save Changes and Close” function in the “Edit Entity” page (#89711).
  • Webservices: Drug List returning NULL HCPC (#89378).
    • Drug showing web services of NULL HCPC, Carelan Unknown HCPC, dosing is fine (#89409).
    • Web Services showing Null HCPC, CareItem showing one HCPC (#89410).
    • Web Services showing Null HCPC, CareItem shows using multiple HCPCs (#89411).
    • Web Services showing Null HCPC, CareItem Unknown HCPC, Dosing -1 (#89412).
  • Regimen Index: Regimen Index ‘IsDeleted’ is getting set opposite of regimen value (#87841).


  • The following CPT Codes were retired (#89158):
    • 0073T
    • 77409
    • 77418
    • 77786
    • 77403
    • 77411
    • 77421
    • 77787
    • 77413
    • 77776
    • 76950
    • 77406
    • 77414
    • 77777
    • G0173
    • 77408
    • 77416
    • 77785
    • G0251
  • SOAPV14: Move logic of WasSubmitted behavior from Service Layer to Analyzer (#89360).
  • Allscripts: the following metatag was added to their Mater page in IE11: <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” />(#89225).
  • SOAP V13 services removed from deployment (#89429).
  • Drug Feed Refactoring Work