Release 7.13

Release Date: March 27, 2020

Drug Feed Refactoring Enhancement

  • Modified the drug importer to account for the new drug feed system (#89052; 90047).
  • Modified the drug cost calculator to account for the new drug feed system (#90942; 89040).
  • Modified the cache to support the updated drug feed system (#90529).
  • Integrated the new drug feed system into Eviti Advisor (#90530).
  • KB Web: Created a generic Drug Alias Management page (#87247).

Eviti Connect Enhancements

Payer Dashboard

  • The Multiple Payer Access User can now add comments to a treatment plan (#89296).
  • Payers can now filter treatment plans by Radiation or Medical Oncology treatment plans (#89298).
  • Payer Configuration: Preference Management: Added the Save button and the Save Confirmation message to the main page/tab (#91225).
  • Updated error pages with new contact information (#90049).
  • Added new Medi-Span Drug route IZ (#91580).
Fax QR Code updates
  • Updates to the fax cover sheet (#91271):
    • We alert the users that the fax cover sheets are patient-specific.
    • We instruct the users to fax the documents after they submit the treatment plan.
    • Removed the reference to Connected Care.
  • We log when a fax cover sheet is generated and when it is processed (#89040).
  • Added a Web Service call in Connect to generate QR Fax Cover sheet using Get versus Post, passing sensitive information (#91806).

Medical Office Dashboard

The system now displays the Cycle View of the treatment plan by default (#91114).

Knowledge Base (KB) Web Library Updates

Made the following updates to the Drug Replacement Management functionality:

  • The content team can add supportive care drugs to existing supportive care templates (#90227).
  • Enhanced the existing functionality to copy medical policy rules from one regimen to another when replacing an existing drug with a new drug (#89399).
  • Drug Replacement changes no longer appear on the Clinically Significant Change Report (#91404).

Resolved Issues

  • Corrected the link to the new About Us page on (#91270).
  • KB Web: Workflow Management showing “Name Not Found” when creating new Regimen (#90234).
  • KB Web: Remove the system generated ‘Drug Not Found’ emails that go out to the content team and eviti alerts account (#88509).
  • Connect: Fixed the issue related to Demo Payer:
    • PROD\DEMO Payer: Unable to complete tx entry (#91571).
    • Unable to add branded drugs to regimen search (Demo payer) (#91530).
  • MO Dashboard: Treatment Plans displaying out of order on Medical Review Dashboard (#91120).
  • Payer Configuration: Import/Export Payer Configuration Error (90476).
  • Eligibility: Preference Management: Please Add Save Button and Save Confirmation Message on Main Page/Tab (#89224).
  • Identity Server: Logins and Logouts are not capture in the SecurityLogLogIn and SecurityLogLogout (#91055).