Release 7.14

Release Date: June 5, 2020

Eviti Connect Enhancements

Medical Office Dashboard

  • Added a new Cost Saving Dashboard for Medical Office (MO) users. This dashboard lets MO users search for all treatment plans associated to a specific patient. In addition, the MO user can add a cost savings to a treatment plan or modify an existing one. The dashboard also lets users generate the Hard ROI report to payers (#90546).
  • Updated the following Cost Saving Data Collection fields (#90546):
    • Modified the Cost Saving field to convert data into US currency.
    • Added a Follow up Needed? indicator
    • Added a Calculation Description field
  • Added a new Growth Factor Deviations & Workflow to analyze all growth factors being submitted (vs. only those that are less than 10%) (#90547)
  • Radiation Therapy Treatment Workflow: For Add a Radiation (External Beam), changed the default for the Hyperthermia drop-down menu from Yes to No (#91709).

Payer Configuration and Management

  • Added the ability to export the Payer Configuration of one payer from one environment to a new payer in a different environment. This reduces the time it takes to implement a new payer (#77594).
  • Added the ability to export a drug configuration from one payer to another payer within the same environment. This reduce the time it takes to configure drugs for a payer, and reduces errors (#92093).
  • Added configurable (per payer) COVID-19 related questions to the Patient Height & Weight Screen. (#92356):
    • 1) Q: Did the patient’s treatment plan change as a result of the COVID19 pandemic?
      A: Yes, No, or Unknown
    • 2) Q: Has the patient been tested for COVID19 (eg. PCR test)?
      A: Yes, No, or Unknown
    • 2a) Q: What was the result of the COVID19 test?
      A: Positive, Negative, or Unknown
    • 3) Q: Has the patient been tested for the COVID19 antibody test (eg. serology test)?
      A: Yes, No, or Unknown
    • 3a) Q: What was the result of the COVID19 antibody test?
      A: Positive, Negative, or Unknown

AIM-Specific Enhancements

  • The Careplan IsPreferred Flag/On Pathway Final Indicator now identifies if a preferred regimen stays on pathway or deviates off pathway (#90548).
  • Upgraded SOAP Webservice from V14 to V15 to include the following updates:
    • Drug GPI to the CodeReferenceService GetAllDrugs Service (#91441, 91276, & 91735)
    • OnPathway True/False indicator for a treatment plan (#91708).

Knowledge-Based Library Enhancements

  • Drug Justification Prompt
    • Added pagination to the management screen (#93319).
    • Display prompts in alphabetical order according to drug name (#92368).
  • Drug Replacement Management: Increased the size of the New Regimen Name field to 500 characters (#92089).
  • Medical Policy Maintenance Report: Added the Medical Policy Rule Name to the Current Rules in Place column (#91522).
  • The default for the Required for Regimen Search indicator is now selected when adding a chemo drug to a regimen (#92230).

Resolved Issues

  • When a drug has multiple HCPCs, pricing should be based on the average of all of the HCPCs (#90367).
  • Gating is being added by default when adding external beam item during the Eviti modification workflow (#91716).
  • Error sending email – the specified string is not in the form required for an email address (#91543).
  • An unexpected error when clicking the Payer Medical Policy tab in the Patient Management page (#92449).
  • Advisor user permission access (#92410).
  • Correct telephone number on the “Urgent Treatment Plan” message (#92251).
  • Removal of the Payer Formulary Admin user role (#92195).