Release 7.2

Release 7.2: Release Notes (Deployment Date = August 17, 2018):

Major Enhancements:

  • Integration of the Identity Server: The Identity Server is being integrated so we can manage all of the security for the Eviti applications in one location (#73447).
  • .Net Upgrade from .Net 4.6.2 to .Net 4.7.2
  • NCDC Updates:
    • Updated the NCDC processor to leverage mongoDB; made provider type configurable and setup new versioning (#53481)
    • Add new NCDC version (#54163)
    • Updated parsers and services to recieve the newest NCDC version (#72829)

Connect Updates:

  • Address Issue where a drug has the same brand name with multiple routes belong to the same generic drug and GPI (aka “Akenzyo” issue). Drugs brand names that the routes make differences to GPI/generic names will have routes information appended to the brand names. This will ensure these drugs can be found via drug search in Connect (#73767).
  • Add the Reconsiderations Link back on the Patient Management Dashboard when the Payer is Configured to have the process start from the Payer Dashboard (#73220).

KB Web Updates:

  • Modification in login process to support the integration of the Identity Server:
    • KB users will be redirected to the Identity Server when they log into KB Web
  • Updates to the Drug Justification Prompt Management Page (#73307):
    • Select Supportive Template has been changed to read Select Justification Template and it has been expanded so the user can see the entire Justification Template Name.
    • The Template GUID Column has been renamed Justification Template GUID
    • The Template Column has been renamed Justification Template
    • The user has the ability to view a Read Only version of the Justification Template from Management page.

Operational Bug Fixes:

  • AIM/SOAP Services: Address the object error that is being caused by non-existent country code (#72823).
  • Connect: Address the Issue associated to clicking Save and Continue on the Justifications Page (#72374).
  • KB Web: Address the issue with uploading files to templates from the Workflow Management Dashboard (#73292).
  • KB Web: Address the issue related to the regimen will not publish due to key constraint/duplicate key (#73219).