Release 7.3

Release Notes: Release 7.3 (Deployment Date = 9/28/2018)

Omics Guided Eviti Updates:

  • NCDC Normalization:
    • Update the Condition Processeror to take in Cancer Type, Pathology & Stage NCDC Values (#72900).
    • Move NCDC Providers to New Cache Provider (#74293).
    • Cancer Reference API: Update NCDC Validation (#73948).
  • Update Diagnosis Property:
    • The system will prohibit the user from editing cancer type, pathology, and stage received from GPS if these values are derived from the CDR using the NantHealth/Eviti Code systems (#72942).
    • Add onto GPS search provider to return drugs in search results (#72533).
  • Webservice/Javascript to Parent when treatment saved treatment:
    • Update test harness to support – Requirement 71568: Eviti systems shall return a JavaScript payload to the frame parent upon saving (#74707).
  • Update UI to Support New Grid:
    • Display the drug name, the patient diagnosis info, biomarkers, the omics rationale (findingcurated text) and the findingSource with pubmed id when a user saves an omics-guided tx.
    • Save specific details (when applicable from the JSON when the user saves an Omic-guided treatment.
    • Add All, Endorsed and Omics Guided count fields to GPS search results object for display of counts on new tabs (#72534).
    • The system will not enable the user to view the Omics-Guided treatment details by clicking on the row in the search results for that omic-guided treatment in either the All/First Tab or the Omics-Guided Tab (#72922).
    • Hide the treatment search results/panels/grids and tabs when the user clicks Edit to modify any search criteria (#72925).
    • Drugs on the Omics-Guided tab will be sorted by treatment name (alphanumerically) from top to bottom (72926).
    • The system will sort the treatment options in the All tab based on the following order from top to bottom (72927):
      • Endorsed regimen / omics guidance combo (green-green, green-silent, silent-green, green-red)
      • Level of evidence (alphanumeric)
      • Treatment name (alphanumeric)Webservice/Javascript to Parent when Treatment Saved Treatment
    • The system will not retain checked treatments (endorsed, omics-guided, clinical trials) if the user has some selected then does a new search and the originally checked treatments are included in the new search (#72928).
    • The system will only save the selected regimen, omics treatment, or clinical trial in the visible grid on the current tab (#72937).
    • The system will not allow the user to save an endorsed regimen and/or omics-guided treatment and/or clinical trial at the same time (#72939).
    • The system will only allow the user to save one endorsed regimen, omics-guided treatment, or clinical trials at a time (#72940).
    • The system will hide everything below the search filter header and display message when there are no treatment options available based on search criteria (#72943).
    • The system will not retain any checked regimens or omics treatment when the user navigates btwn tabs (#72944).
    • Updates to the Endorsed search results tab (#72946).
    • Updates to the Omics-Guided search results tab (#72947).
    • The system will only save the selected regimen, omics treatment, or clinical trial in the visible grid on the current tab (#72949).
    • Provide the user with the ability to print the saved regimen details page, saved omics treatment or saved clinical trials summary from the “Saved” screen (#72950).
    • Create methods to contact CDR upon GPS save (#73462).
    • Support multiple drugs rationale in the tooltip (#73571).
  • Compare Button Logic and Interface:
    • Update the styling on the Compare Screen to reflect the prototype (#74960).
    • The Compare screen was updated to reflect the feather UI (#73266).

Cancer Reference Normalization:

  •  Modify database for Cancer Reference Normalization (#71657).
  • Create a microservice as the new write model for cancer reference (#72555).
  • Create Cancer Type Management Page in KB Web (#72658).
  • Update cancer reference mappings to user new view models (#72160).
  • Modify Providers and Entities for Normalization (#71658).
  • Update Cancer Reference 2.0: Update CancerType to CPT Codes page to implement new micro services (#74726).


Connect Enhancements:

  • Analyzer: New On Pathway Warning message when a user selects an “On Pathway” regimen and there are other error messages are triggered (#74282).
  • Analyzer: Modify the description for deviation code 20002 from: “At least one preferred regimen similar to the non-preferred selection was found” to “The regimen requested is not considered On Pathway and other regimens may be available that are On Pathway.” (74274).
  • Analyzer: Modify the description for deviation code 20001 from “A non-preferred regimen was chosen for treatment” to “An off-pathway regimen was chosen for treatment” (#74448).
  • Clinical Trial Indicator on the drugs search screen: Provide the users that go through the evidenced-based medicine workflow, the system will ask the users if the treatment plan they are entering is a clinical trial (#73383).
  • Clinical Trial Indicator on the Medical Office Dashboard: Provide the medical office the ability to indicate when a treatment plan that was submitted through the evidenced-based medicine workflow is a clinical trial (73383).
  • Clinical Trial Indicator: Create new treatment types/review reasons when a clinical trial is entered via the EBM workflow: (73384)
    • Evidenced Based Medicine – Clinical Trial (EBM – CT)
    • Customized Treatment Plan – Clinical Trial (CTP – CT)
  • Payer Dashboard: Provide the users to filter treatment plans according to clinical trial (#73886).
  • Payer Dashboard: Modify the display of the filtering options (#73887).
  • Cost Savings: Provide the MO Team the ability to enter cost saving data associated to a treatment plan (#73445).

KB Web Enhancements:

  • Medical Policy QA Report: Update the report to reflect the chemotherapy drugs that are required for searching for a regimen (#69647 & 73075).
  • Justification Template Override Rule: Provide the ability to create the Justification Template Override Rule by a specific drug and drug route(s) (#73089).
  • Medical Policy Tab in Template Management: Drug Driven Justification Prompts will appear (#73088).
  • Add “Archive” next to the existing Omics Management option in the Management dropdown (#73075).

Miscellaneous Operational Bugs:

  • Connect: Drug search on some drugs is taking too long (#74230).
  • KB Web: Fix to Address the issue related to creating a new medical policy entity (#73867).
  • NCDC: NCDC 2018030 – Unkown Primary stage and pathology mappings are missing (#74131).
  • NCDC: WeeklyIndexLoader scheduled task failing on “ncdc” parameter (#74389).
  • Identity Server: GUID should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (#74021).
  • Identify Server: Rest auth token request are saving passwords to the logs (#74339).
  • Identify Server: Unable to create functional Payer accounts (#74347).