Release 7.4

Release Notes: Release 7.4 (Deployment Date = 11/02/2018)

Connect Enhancements:

  • Drug Exclude: The system shall have a configuration (per payer/per LOB) that will allow the user to identify drugs that cannot be “entered” in a regimen search. (#75011)
  • Drug Exclude: The system shall allow the user to search for the drug (auto populate the drug name as the user is typing the drug) on Connect. (#75013)
  • Drug Exclude: The system will display a message when the user selects a drug that was identified to be excluded. (#75014)
  • Drug Exclude: The system will not pull the excluded drug in the chemo and supportive care drug “buckets” that appear on the search screen. (#75015)

Analyzer Enhancements:

  • FN Risk Analyzer: The system shall trigger a new Error message when the user enters a growth factor drug and the current warning message “Drugs not Found in Regimen” is triggered. (#75008)
  • FN Risk Analyzer: The system shall recognize the “Drugs Not Found” message then look to see if a growth factor drug was entered then trigger the new error message. (#75009)
  • FN Risk Analyzer: The system shall not display the “Drug Not Found in Regimen” message when the new Growth Factor Error message should appear. (#75010)
  • FN Risk Analyzer: It will not run on CTP Treatment Plan on any situation. (#75274)

System Enhancements:

  • Add support for DI Service locater in .net full framework (#75984)
  • Address compiler warnings for XML comments (#76007)
  • Update Drug loading process for AIM Beta3 Environments (#75670)
  • Add encryption and external configuration support. (#75566)
  • Security Update: Fix Web services exposing IIS Version # (#75507)
  • Update cache server on the DR sites.

Bug Fixes:

  • Update performance of medical policy admin pages.
  • GPS: Fix treatment sorting.
  • GPS: Viewing the Omic Drug Display does not show the stored diagnosis values.
  • Cost Saving reminder not shown when sending for payer review.
  • Server Error reported when sending an empty list to Soap12 GetBulkCanerType
  • Drug shortage deviation not thrown unless the analyzer default configuration is manually saved.
  • AIM Add Drugs: Supportive Drugs (No Info/Master Supportive) added to finalized CTP are not analyzed.
  • Drug exceptions unable to be added on the Analyzer Exceptions by Drug page.
  • CTP: Supportive drugs are analyzed on initial entry.
  • System.FormatException: Unrecognized Guid format.