Release 7.6

Release 7.6 (Release Date = 2/8/19)

Eviti Connect

  • Added the following text to the Add Medical Records screen: “Molecular test results (GPS Cancer, Caris, Guardant, Foundation One, etc.)” (79081).
  • Added a warning message to the Medical Office Review screen to remind the team to enter the cost-savings data for the treatment plan (79092).
  • Removed links to outdated videos from the Registration Help area (79486).
  • Justifications appeared in descending order on the Justification screen in Connect. They now appear in ascending order. (76373).
  • Updated web pages within the provider workflow to make them WCAG accessible.

Omics-Guided Eviti 

Omics-Guided Eviti is a feature in Precision Insights Portal that lets users find a treatment plan based on the NantHealth Eviti evidence-based library and results from the patient’s GPS Cancer genomics report.

  • When you view the list of treatments that match the patient’s case, you can download or print the list of treatments that appear in the Treatments, Eviti Library, Omics-Guided, or Clinical Trials tab.
    • (77554).

    SOAP Web Services

    • Retired SOAP versions 11 and 12 from the services (75837).
    • Added SOAP version 14 to the services (79655):
      • Added options property to StartTransactionContainer (78042).
      • Added NCDC Codes to CancerDrugCareItem (78043).

    AIM Specialty Health

    • Updated the Payer Treatment & Warning Deviation Configuration to recognize when AIM submits a member associated with their Clinically Equivalent program. The system now displays specific analyzer warnings or deviations for those members (77683, 77844).
    • Resolved issue: Missing care items caused the Eviti session to cease to respond (75684).

    Knowledge Base (KB) Web

    KB Web is our internal application where we manage the regimen library and medical policies.

    • Added the Export to Excel functionality back to the search results grid in Template Management (77661).
    • When copying batches, content team members can now select multiple or all regimens to copy (76054, 76057).