Release 7.7

Release Date: March 29, 2019

Eviti Connect

Eviti Connect is an online system that lets providers submit cancer treatment plans to payers for preauthorization.

Payer new features
  • Payers can configure the system to automatically assign an Eviti code to a treatment plan when we determine that a deviation is medically justified. Typically, these treatments appear on the Approval Req’d tab, and the payer must review them and then click Authorize to assign them an Eviti code. (Task 77683)
  • Added the following features to alert the payer when a patient started treatment before they were eligible:
    • An indicator appears next the patient’s name in the Patient column of the dashboard to alert the payer that the patient’s treatment start date is before the eligibility date. (Task 79681)
    • A new Show All Treatment Plans where the Treatment Start Date is Prior to the Patient’s Eligibility Date dashboard filter is available.
    • The labels “Start Date” and “End Date” are now “Treatment Start Date” and “Treatment End Date.”
  • Added a new treatment plan summary view called Total Billable Units View that displays the total billable units per drug for the entire treatment. (Tasks 79683, 79684)
Provider new features
  • Updated the chemotherapy checklist (Task 81027).
  • Added text to the Modify Treatment Plan screen to alert users to enter dosing information in Gy not cGy. (Task 80823)
  • Added voice-over directions on the Login and Patient Entry screens to notify users that they can contact the Eviti Support Team if they have issues entering a treatment plan (Task 81936).
Provider resolved issues

Uncoupled the Port films/IMRT radiation therapy CPT codes 77386 and 77385 on the Treatment Summary Screen because the Planning Codes costs are already included. (Task 81060)

Medical office resolved issues

Addressed the issue where the Novel agent disappeared from the clinical trial builder when you left the builder in progress or navigated back to the builder. (Task 81786)

General resolved issue

Updated the Eviti address and contact information on the Contact Information screen. Click Contact Us on the Login screen to view the updated information.

Omics-Guided Eviti

Omics-Guided Eviti is a feature in Precision Insights Portal that lets users find a treatment plan based on the NantHealth Eviti evidence-based library and results from the patient’s GPS Cancer genomics report.

New features
  • In the Treatment Options list, you can click a magnifying glass icon to quickly find clinical trials that contain a drug that the GPS report supports but Eviti’s evidence-based regimen library does not. (Task 79842)
  • In the Clinical Trials list, you can search by trial name, trial ID, or drug name. (Task 79840)
  • The clinical trials returned in initial searches will limit search results to those trials that are within a 100 mile radius from the Porg’s zip code (Task 79835).
  • Updated the Treatment List grid as follows:
    • Removed the Omics Rationale column on the Treatments, Eviti Library, and Omics Guided tabs. (Task 79837)
    • Added a Learn More link to the Omics Guidance column. (Task 79836)
    • Click the row to select the treatment, can click treatment name to view treatment details. (Task 80481)

Knowledge Base (KB) Web

KB Web is our internal application where we manage the regimen library and medical policies.

New features
  • You can edit supportive groups, outcomes, toxicities for each regimen. (Task 80717)
  • You can access the audit information (history) for justification templates. (Task 79688)
  • The members of the Medical Policy team can export the preferences (aka pathways) from one payer and apply those preferences (aka pathways) to another payer or from one environment to another environment. (Tasks 77584, 77593, 77594).
  • Added a configuration to let authorized users toggle the view medical policy buttons on the KB View Regimen screen. (Task 79531)
Resolved issues
  • The system now prevents you from creating a justification template within another justification template. (Task 79687)
  • In Payer Medical Policy Rules Management, we expanded the search from “starts with” to contains” in searches that still used “starts with,” for example, the Justification Override Template rules search. Drug searches were not updated. (Task 80962)
  • Fixed the server error that occurred when you try to view rule details for a Supportive Drug Exclude rule via the Medical Policy View management page. (Task 81047)
  • Fixed the server error that occurred when editing, copying, or viewing a Supportive Drug Exclude Rule. (Task 81240)
  • Fixed the server error that occurred when you click Apply Rule to Template on specific rule types. (Task 81398)

AIM Specialty Health

The following updates apply to AIM Specialty Health only.

  • Pathway adherence workflow updates (Tasks 68978, 68823, 68822, and 68821):
    • To encourage users to select Pathway Regimens, the system displays relevant pathway regimens at the top of the search results screen, along with an icon.
    • The system displays all regimen questions from all possible regimens. This includes: Pathologies, Stages, and Line of Treatments.
    • The system displays all diagnosis-related questions.
    • When only one regimen appears to the user, the system automatically selects that regimen after asking the diagnosis-related questions.
    • Added the Other option for Pathology, Stage, and Line of Treatment. The system notifies the user that if they select Other, they are going “off pathway,” and the relevant pathway icon does not appear on the alternate regimen search screen.
  • Updated the SOAP services to include the NDCs for drugs in treatment plans via the Get a Treatment/Care Plan Service. The NDCs are derived from logic to exclude those related to an inappropriate dose for the corresponding treatment plan. (Task 79690)