Release 7.9

Release Date: June 21, 2019

Eviti Connect

  • Honoring a Drug’s Brand Name: Previously, the system displayed the drug’s generic name when a user searched by a drug’s brand name. Now, when the user searches for a drug by brand name, the system displays the brand name throughout the Connect workflow, including on the Treatment Plan Summary page (#83880, #83881, #84466).
  • Site of Service Configurations: Payers can configure a Site of Service screen that appears at the end of the treatment plan entry workflow. Payers can require one or more of the following information:
    • Site of Service: The provider admin must indicate if the site of service is inpatient or outpatient (#84344).
    • Site of Service Address: The provider admin must indicate the name and the address of the inpatient or outpatient site of service (#84345).
    • Pharmacy vs Buy and Bill: The provider admin must select an option from this drop-down list (#84346).
  • Preference Management: Eviti admins can now copy preferred regimens from one payer or POrg to another payer or POrg.
  • Enhancements to the Medical Office Dashboard:
    • Expanded the Approve/Reject Add Drug text box (#83452).
    • Added an Order/Notes option to the Reason for Contact to the Provider Outreach drop-down box (#83100).
  • Radiation Workflow: If a user adds planning or simulation codes when they enter a radiation therapy regimen, the codes now appear on the Treatment Plan Summary page (#82914).
  • Contact Us Page: Added a link to contact Eviti Sales at (#83333).
  • Payer Configuration Screens: A confirmation message now appears when a user saves a new or updated  configuration (#82920). 

Knowledge Base (KB) Web

  • Drug Replacement Management: The content team can now find a drug in regimens across cancer types and replace the drug with another drug (#83993).
  • HCPC Selector Question: A new configuration lets an approved user create a HCPC selector-specific question. Based on the user’s response to the question in the Connect workflow, the system can associate the correct HCPC to the treatment plan (#83959).
  • Sherlock enhancements to the prototype.