Release 7.5

Release Notes: Release 7.5 (Deployment Date = December 14, 2018)

Connect Enhancements:

  • The Radiation and Chemotherapy Checklists have been updated on the site (Task #76467).
  • The following CPT Codes were un-retired in the system (Task #76651):
    • CPT 77402
    • CPT 77407
    • CPT 77412
  • The addition of the drug Panzyga (GPI: 19100020602020) in Connect (Task #77475).


Omics Guided Eviti Enhancements:

  • The system will provide users with the ability to remove a previously saved treatment option (Tasks #75052 & 76026).
  • The system will save treatment options that were presented to a user but were not saved (Tasks #75050 & 76027).

KB Web Enhancements:

  • New KB Role: Omics Admin was created (Task #73077)
  • New Omics Management: This new functionality will provide the Omics Admin with the ability to management the following data (#73097 & 74277):
    • Black Listed Drugs
    • Omics Drug to Eviti Drug Mapping
  • Updates were made to the Medical Policy QA Report: There is now a State and End Date Range that will allow the users to pull the data that was modified during the date range entered (Task #75200).
  • The ability to “Select All” of the template on a page when batch editing templates from Template Management (Task #75831).
  • The removal of the character count on the Notes Field associated to Actions in Workflow Management Dashboard (Task #74301).
  • The Group Name field was expanded so the entire name is displayed to the end user (Task #75836).
  • Display the full External Name of a regimen when the user is viewing the read only version of the regimen in Template Management (Task #75834).
  • Medical Policy Chart Prototype (aka Sherlock) (Task #75688).

Notable Operational Bugs:

  • Preferences in Preference Management were not updating when Stage & Pathologies were de-activated in the new Cancer Management Pages (Bug #75319).
  • The data in the Cancer Management pages in KB was not loading and preventing users from managing the data (Bug #76289).
  • Issue with the Supportive Care Hide Rule: the system was taking the user back to the top of the screen when the user was selecting templates for in the rule (Bug #75669).
  • Issue with the Justification Template Override Rule: the system was preventing a multi-justification template override rule at the sub-template level for specific regimens (Bug #75682).
  • The Cancer Type Waldenstrom was appearing with a ‘?’ rather than ‘ö’ in Omics Guided Eviti (Bug #74931).
  • Addressed the issue with the Security Questions not appearing correctly in Chrome (Bug 74356).