Release 8.0

Release Date: July 24, 2020

Connect & KB Web Updates

  • Integrated drug-feed refactoring into Connect and KB Web.
  • Aetna eligibility processor now prioritizes dual plans when the member has multiple coverages (#93503).
  • Radiation oncology: Added pricing for the following IMRT Codes: 77385, 77386 & G6016 (#93659).
  • AIM: Removed impact of supportive care drug deviations on pathway final indicator for treatment plan (#93869).

Resolved Issues

  • Correct telephone number on urgent treatment plan message (#92251).
  • Username domain rules (#93638).
  • Template not appearing in Rule drop-down code. Fix for the user control (#93920).
  • Fax QR code: Medical records did not automatically attach to treatment plans (#91166).
  • Non-demo payers are available in production AIM test harness (#93722).
  • GPS fails to load dur to the IdentityModel assembly not found (#94113).
  • Analyzer flag GPI field is not saving to database (#93853).
  • Config changes for production encryption settings, SOAP 15 logging server config debugging disabled (#93740).