Release 8.10

Release date: June 17, 2022

Connect Enhancements

  • On the Submit Treatment Plan screen, added an attestation statement to confirm that users submit accurate and complete treatment plans that do not violate healthcare fraud, waste, or abuse rules. (#120252). 
  • We now display the peer-to-peer response clock to all medical office dashboard users, not just those associated with the peer-to-peer doctor’s group (#120259).
  • The Patient Management Dashboard now displays pending Eviti review treatment plans in the Pending Eviti Review tab (#119576) and the All Records tab (#119660).
  • On the Treatment Plan Summary screen, modified the header name to “Other Drugs that are Part of the Treatment” (#119812).
  • Added Pharmacy Benefit Drugs (PBM) carve-out drug configurations for supportive and chemotherapy drugs (#119359, #119812). Modified the workflow to support the configurations (#119812, #120210).
  • Added a new Intake Dashboard (#119663, #117972) and the associated user role (#119661), actions (#117974), and workflow (#118852).
  • Relabeled the Delegated Entity Rejection Notes to Patient Review Summary. The notes appear on the Medical Office Review screen and the Eviti Review Notes and Appeal Notes tabs on the dashboards (#121376).
  • To meet National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards, added a Citation field for users to fill in to complete the medical review of rejected treatment plans. The citation appears on the Eviti Review Notes and Appeal Notes tabs on the dashboards (#120264).  
  • Updated the Pharmacy Benefit Drugs configuration to support oncology and autoimmune (#123079).

Eviti Library Enhancements

Modified the Policy Impact Export (PIE) report (#122852):

  • Added the following entities:
    • Standard Implementation (NCCN 2B/FDA)
    • BCBS-MA
    • BCBS-ARK
    • HCSC
  • Removed WA Medical.
  • Renamed Standard Implementation to Standard Implementation (NCCN 2A/FDA).

Resolved Issues

  • Unable to submit clinical trials via Retrieve from Advisor (#121044).
  • Justification template Issue: Modify the default to the top of the justification template after Save & Continue (#122939).
  • Oncology treatment plan in appeal workflow on the MO Dashboard cannot be processed (#123405).