Release 8.15

Release date: March 31, 2023

Preparing for Eviti Empower

Eviti Empower is a new NantHealth offering that will help us support members throughout their entire cancer journey. Members will be able to access a mobile app or website to engage with coaches for personalized support. In this release, we completed the following tasks to support this effort:

  • Added Empower configuration for payer/LOBs (#137010).
  • Added Empower indicator for toxicity classes (#137014).
  • Added Empower to treatment configuration (#1314).
  • Added Empower details to treatment plan summary (#1041).
  • Added APIs to support Empower integration (#694).

New email address for the Eviti Sales team

On the Contact Us page, we updated the Eviti Sales email address from to

Increased the number of drugs allowed on medical policies

The NantHealth Eviti medical team can now include up to 25 drugs on a new medical policy (#138806). Previously, they could include only 13.

Resolved issues

  • Unable to view Medical Policy View Tab contents for certain KB regimens (#129358)
  • Clicking text instead of radio button updates wrong drug for Partial Approvals (#137331)
  • Canceling reconsideration updates Date column on Patient Management Dashboard (#138351)
  • General Exception triggered upon cancelling Reconsideration for a partially approved plan (#139347)
  • MSDTC Errors In Production in the connect application (#138293)
  • The CaptchaValidate_GetConfigurations GET API call should not return the Secret info (#140375)