Release 8.2

Release Date: November 13, 2020

Eviti Connect Enhancements

  • Added a new formulary redirect drug configuration that displays a warning message and preferred drug after the user chooses a drug. The user can click the preferred drug to include in the treatment plan, or they can keep the drug that they originally chose (#95415 & #96678). This enhancement also includes the following updates:
    • Added validation to the Treatment Warning & Deviation (Brand and Generic) and Formulary Redirect configurations that prevents a payer from configuring more than one of these configurations for a drug (#96679).
    • Updated the Cost Savings dashboard. When a treatment plan includes a drug that is configured for Treatment Warning & Deviation (Brand or Generic) or Formulary Redirect, the system includes a drug warning link that the medical office team can click to get more details about the configuration (#96678).
    • Added logging to track what the user selects on the Treatment Warning & Deviation (Brand and Generic) and Formulary Redirect pop-up window (#96952).
  • Updated the Multiple Payer Access User role to let the user authorize or decline appeals on the payer dashboard (#94829).

Knowledge Base Web Enhancements

  • Added a new Policy Impact Excel (PIE ) report in Workflow Management that pulls the data from newly created regimens or edited regimens. It’s used to analyze whether we must modify existing Medical Policy Rules or create new rules (#95222).
  • Updated the Drug Justification prompt to let users create prompts based on Cancer Type and Goal of Treatment (#94827). This enhancement also includes the following updates:
    • Updates to the Medical Policy View Tab to include the updates to the configuration (#96405).
    • Updates to reports to reflect the Drug Justification Prompt updates (#96404).
    • Updates to the Drug Justification Prompt interface to include the following (#96779):
      • Ability to export to excel.
      • Display the number of prompts at the top of the grid.
      • Removal of the following columns from the grid: GPI and Justification Template GPI.
      • New Last Modified By and Date columns.
  • Updated Template Management to default the Treatment Goals Fields to not required (#96060).
  • Updated the ICD-10 Management page to let the user identify the leading letters for ICD-10 codes to upload and update. This lets us expand beyond oncology-specific ICD-10 Codes (#96059).
  • Medical Policy QA Report: Removed extra cells from the Justification column (#97300).
  • Added text to the Diagnosis Override and Biomarker Override Rules to clarify how Connect applies the rules (#97117).
  • Clinically Significant Report: Modified the display (#97116).

IT Security Updates

  • Upgraded JQuery in the following areas to version 1.9.1:
    • Connect (#91557)
    • Eviti.Security.Web (#91558)
    • KB Web (#91561)
  • Upgraded Eviti.API Bootstrap to version 3.4.1 (#91560).
  • Eviti Advisor 500 Errors surfacing to the user (#94735).

Resolved Issues

  • Entrectinib doubling name on Drug Detail page (#94526).
  • Unknown HCPC: Applicable HCPCs is not being saved with drugs (#96654).
  • Preference footnote is not displayed on treatment plan summaries (#96747).
  • Updates to the Alternative Regimen Search to prevent supportive care drugs that are configured for Treatment Warning & Deviation (Brand or Generic) or Formulary Redirect that are configured as Is Cannot Be Entered = True from impacting the search results (#98228).
  • Retired RT codes are displayed on Plan Summaries when Temp/Service codes are selected (#98042).
  • Remove Drug Justification Prompts configured for Supportive Care Drugs from the Medical Policy QA, Medical Policy Maintenance and Pathway UAT Reports (#97813).
  • KB2: When viewing details for any drug, the original drug name is removed from the parent menu (#97160).
  • Issue with Export to Excel functionality on Medical Policy Rules Management Screen (#97074).