Release 8.3

Release Date: January 22, 2021

Eviti Connect Enhancements

  • Updated the turn-around clocks when a PBM drug is added to a treatment plan (#98225).
  • CareSource 834 Eligibility: Modified the CareSource Eligibility Processor (#97907).
    • Note: CareSource will not implement this update until February or March 2021. We tracked the development and testing effort with Release 8.3.
  • Updated the chemotherapy checklist.

AIM-Specific Enhancement

  • OnPathway Final Indicator v3: The system will not throw a treatment plan off pathway for a 12035 error via the Treatment Warning & Deviation – Generic or Brand and the Formulary Redirect (#97989).

Knowledge Base (KB) Web Enhancements

  • Supportive Care Exclude Rule: Added the ability to search the Supportive Care Regimens when creating the rule (#98867).
  • Updated the Medical Policy Maintenance Report: Some columns were removed, added, and re-arranged (#99708).
  • Clinically Significant Report: Removed extra space in the columns (#98947).
  • Repeating Justification Questions – KB – Medical Policy QA Report (#99734).


  • Content Management Tool for Connect & Advisor: The user can update the content on the home pages (#98550 & 98890).
  • Clinical Conditions (This is to support Autoimmune. There is no provider or payer impact.): Added the ability to differentiate between oncology and autoimmune in areas that are shared between the two platforms. (#97907; 98277; 98278; 98279).

Resolved Issues

  • Fax QR Code: Medical Records Should Not Be Attached to Closed Treatment Plans (#99527).
  • Eviti: Please change the ‘Sent back to eviti’ messaging on the Treatment Plan Summary to read ‘Sent back to Payer’ (#98532).
  • TWAD Brand: The system allows to enter the “Vibramycin” drug when Cannot be entered = true (#98648).
  • Eviti Advisor 500 Errors surfacing to the user (#94735).
  • DrugImportProcessor not updating drugs. Hcpcs Codes table termination date field (#100328).
  • Costing incorrect when no UOM in [medispan].[m25_m] (#99196).
  • Security: Password type input with auto complete is allowed (#98710).
  • Flapping issue in Connect:
    • The cache is currently set to 30 minutes, which will impact some data being pulled, then the cache will not need to be pulled again for 24 hours (#100292).
    • Increased the connection pool to 400 (it is currently at 100) (#100293).