Release 8.4

Release Date: March 5, 2021

Eviti Connect Enhancements

  • Payers can now require TIN and NPI when users enter site of service information during treatment plan entry. If entered, the TIN and NPI appear on the treatment plan summary (#100595).
  • Medical Office users must now specify the NantHealth physician that completed a peer-to-peer review that resulted in a code denial. Approved NantHealth physicians appear in a new drop-down menu. The physician’s name and credentials appear in the Review Notes section of the Review summary on the Patient Management and Payer Dashboards (#99917).
  • We now send an email to payers after we make a decision about a treatment plan appeal. This email alerts the payers that they must approve or deny the appeal on the dashboard. Payers can choose up to three email addresses to receive the emails (#100389).
  • The automatic emails that we send to Multiple Payer Access users now link directly to the treatment plan associated to the email. Previously, the link went to the dashboard only, not the specific treatment plan (#99838).
  • Modified the analyzer to stop analyzing drugs on the “No Info Drug” list.
  • Synthetic Data – Phase 1: Created the following features. This project is evolving, and this functionality was not tested during Release 8.4.
    • Synthetic Data Reviewer Role (#101286).
    • Synthetic Data Management (#100771).
    • Synthetic Data Dashboard (#100774).

Eviti Advisor Enhancements

  • Modified the search results cap to 300 results (#10100).

KB Web Enhancements

  • Added the ability to exclude a drug via Payer and Line of Business. When a drug is excluded, the system prevents the Connect user from entering the drug on the drug search field.

Autoimmune Related Tasks (Clinical Condition)

Completed the following tasks to add clinical condition indicators to differentiate cancer versus autoimmune:

  • Clinical Conditions – Part 2 included the following areas (#100265):
    • MO Data
    • Eviti Code
    • Care Plans
    • Diagnosis
    • Payer Configuration (via Payer Management)
  • Added two new columns to Payer Table to determine autoimmune or cancer access (#101286).
  • Added Clinical Condition to Eviti’s Disease Product Identifier to differentiate between Oncology and Autoimmune (#97910).

Resolved Issues

  • Review period does not restart on submitting a PBM priority plan for reconsideration (#100927).
  • User locked-out feature is not working (#99749).
  • Allscripts integrated accounts are deactivated prematurely (#99857).