Release 8.5

Release date: July 9, 2021

Delegated Entity Features

  • New Payer/LOB configuration to support the following:
    • Configure a payer for partial or full delegation.
    • Send letters to providers.
    • Display clinical summary on provider dashboard.
    • Customize the return address for letters.
  • New Template Management page at the Payer/LOB level to upload delegated entity-related letters.
  • New Delegated Entity Dashboard user role that provides access to the Letter Dashboard.
  • Letter Dashboard features:
    • All letters associated to the treatment plans for Payer/LOBs configured for delegated entity appear on the dashboard.
    • Download, edit, and upload letters.
    • View the status of letters that were sent via the fulfillment vendor (Mail My Statements).
  • Integration with Mail My Statements for letter fulfillment.
  • Updated the Complete MO Review and the Approve/Reject Add Drug screens:
    • When a treatment plan is declined, the system requires the user to enter notes to support the rejection.  
    • When a payer is configured for full delegation, the system lets the user make a final determination on a treatment plan (approve or reject).
  • On the Medical Office Dashboard, you can generate a custom letter for treatment plans that are associated to a Payer/LOB configured for delegated entity.

Connect Enhancements

  • Modified the Display the Reconsideration Timeline on Treatment Plan Summaries.
  • Payer Dashboard: Increased the character limit on Add Notes pop-up window.
  • Modified Drug Import Processor to use archived tables instead of archived views.
  • Updated DrugImportProcessor to dynamically rename views, create materialized views, and drop materialized views.
  • Decommissioned the Patient Info Link and associated pages.
  • Decommissioned the regimen tagging functionality.

Security Updates

  • The Eviti Admin can select a reason an account is activated, inactivated, and re-activated.
  • The Eviti Admin can validate the TIN(s) that are associated to an account and indicate why a TIN is deemed valid or invalid.
  • Restrict access to treatment plans on the provider dashboard when an account has an invalid TIN.

AIM-Related Enhancement

  • Dual Eligibility: Off pathway message 20003 thrown for all Dual TxPlans.

KB Web Enhancements

  • Medical Policy Association Issue of policies being removed/unselected when the user attempts to select another policy has been resolved in the rules listed below. Also added a “Show Selected Only” option so you can view the associated policies only.
    • Analyzer Only
    • BioMarker Override 
    • Justification Override 
    • Justification Template Override 
    • Supportive Care Hide 
    • Supportive Care Override 
    • Supportive Drug Exclude 
    • Regimen Include 
    • Regimen Exclude 
  • Updates to Workflow Management Dashboard:
    • New Regimen Reason search filter that includes the following options in the drop-down menu. (These are the same reasons that appear in the Create New Regimen, Copy Regimen, and Edit Regimen pop-up window):
      • Active/Inactive
      • Annual Review
      • Change in Guidelines and/or Manufacturer Change
      • Change Request
      • Other
      • Typographical Change
    • Changed how regimens and/or evidence appears on WFM to display those regimens that were last modified. Currently, results are displayed according to priority.
    • Expanded the character count for the Add Notes option that appears in the Actions dropdown.
  • The system includes the ability to filter rules on the Medical Policy View tab by rule type:
    • Analyzer Only Rule
    • BioMarker Rule
    • Consensus Group Include Rule
    • Diagnosis Override Rule
    • Justification Override Rule
    • Justification Template Override Rule
    • Regimen Exclude Rule
    • Regimen Include Rule
    • Supportive Care Hide Rule
    • Supportive Care Override Rule
    • Supportive Care Exclude Rule
  • By default, the system does not display the Supportive Care Rules on the Medical Policy View tab when you first access the tab, or when you filter the rules by entity.
  • Decommissioned the Medical Advisory Board Report.

Resolved Issues

  • KB Web: PIE report not showing Medicare UM Drug Information (#103640).
  • Connect: De-dupe messages for TWAD multi-cycle drugs – System Error Detected (#103066).
  • Connect: “Peer to Peer Doctor Name Required” incorrectly displayed when saving reviews opened from drafts (#103392).
  • Connect: Formulary Redirection Character limit (#103355).