Release 8.6

Release date: September 17, 2021


  • Delegated entity features:
    • On the Payer Dashboard, display the letters that NantHealth sends to the patient and providers (#108428).
    • Extension letters: Upload an extension letter template, generate an extension letter, display it in the Letter Dashboard (#10856, #108857 & #109147).
    • Regenerate a letter when a letter type hasn’t been uploaded to Letter Template Management for a specific payer/LOB.
    • Display Appendix A on the radiation letters (#107618).
    • Updated the Letter Dashboard to support sorting (#109117).
  • Treatment warning & deviation: Configure a drug by cancer type (#105304).
  • Formulary redirect: Configure a drug by cancer type (#108979).
  • Reconsiderations/medical office (MO) modifications:
    • MO users can perform Eviti modify functions (Eviti modify, modify add drug, modify justification) on a treatment plan that went through the reconsideration process (#105287).
    • MO users cannot generate an Eviti code on the treatment plan summary at the end of the Eviti modify process for treatment plans undergoing reconsideration (#110896).
  • Enhancements to the Cost Savings Dashboard:
    • MO users can associate a business category and a clinical category to a treatment plan in the Cost Savings area of the MO Review screen and the Cost Savings Action screen (#103798 & #103800).
    • Display and allow the MO user to modify the business and clinical reasons associated to a treatment plan on the Cost Savings Dashboard (#103803 & #103804).
    • Retain the date range filters on the Cost Savings Dashboard (#103877).
    • Increased the size of the Cal Description column in the upper and lower grid of the Cost Savings Dashboard (#103886).
    • Users can sort the results on the Cost Savings Dashboard
  • Updated the Contact Us page in Connect (#111352).
  • Payer Dashboard: Updated character limit on Notes field that appears in the MJV Authorization/Decline and Appeal Authorization/Decline workflows (#109602).

Knowledge base web

  • Modified the Drug Justification Prompt. User can configure a prompt by Cancer Type (#109813) or pathology (#103827).  
  • Updated the Pathology UAT Report to let users generate the report for more than one entity (#104674).

AIM-related enhancements

  • New configuration to include all drugs’ NDCs in the Soap Services (#109394).
  • Ability to send all of a drug’s NDCs via the GetTreatmentPlan services when the payer is configured to receive this information (#109398).
  • SOAP Error: The parameter HcpcsCode must be five (5) characters in length (#1106662).
  • Product missing GetAllDrugs SOAPv15 response for generic-only drugs (#111795).

Technical dept and security items

  • Fixed area below the footer in Connect that appeared pixelated on some pages (#109886).
  • Require users to enter their current password when they try to change their password (SOC-632) (#108850).

Resolved issues

  • Reconsiderations:
    • Unable to initiate a reconsideration for a clinical trial (#107312).
    • Initial submission date is removed from the treatment plan summary when a reconsideration is cancelled (#110988).
    • End of reconsideration timestamp does not appear on treatment plan summary for health plans undergoing Eviti modification as part of a reconsideration.
  • Add drug: The system requires users to enter delegated entity rejection notes for non-delegated entity payers (#110399).


  • Retired SOAP v14 (#108855).
  • Testing how the system behaves when a cancer type (Ampullar of the Vater) is inactivated (This was a testing effort only. The ability to deactivate a cancer type can be done in KB Web without development intervention) (#109156).