Release 8.7

Release date: November 12, 2021

Connect Enhancements

Delegated entity

  • Display letters on the Patient Management dashboard (#109270).
  • Display letters on the Provider dashboard (#109271).
  • New read-only Letter Dashboard user role can access the dashboard and view letters that were sent and are scheduled to be sent. The user cannot access the actions on the dashboard (#109269).
  • Display the date/time that the next batch of letters will be sent to Mail My Statements for fulfillment (#109673).
  • Ability to change the recipient and recipient address of a letter (#112188).

Patient management

  • Consolidate the actions into a new Actions menu and add a new Actions column (#113661).
  • Let users add notes and add attachments to treatment plans on the dashboard (#113669).
  • Update the Review Summary area to display the attachments that were added to a case on the Documents tab (#113690).
  • Update the Review Summary area to include a new Notes tab that displays all notes entered via the Patient Management dashboard (#113665).

Cost savings

  • Add a new Eviti Modify for Cost Savings option to Eviti Modify (#112832).
  • Display the comparison of the submitted treatment plan and the modified treatment plan on the Complete MO Review screen (#113125) and the Cost Savings Dashboard (#113673).


  • Updated the radiation checklist (#113099).
  • Let application pool recycle times be configurable to all for AIM beta setups to use 5AM (#114732).
  • Payers with access to only AI applications appear on multiple Oncology dashboards (#114608).
  • Oncology Provider\Provider Admin\Clinical Admin Registration: Hide autoimmune provider type in oncology end user registration (#114357).
  • Medi-Span new Route of Administration “EC” requires DB updates (#113641).
  • Clinical Admin AI Role (#113688).
  • Account Enumeration via Email Change (#108964).

Resolved Issues

  • PBM clock functioning incorrectly for Add Drug Review.
  • Business & Clinical Category selections are erased when certain fields are edited on the Cost Savings Dashboard (#114347).
  • End-user registration in Oncology is adding users to AI app by default (113641).
  • Provider Admin\Provider registered via AI application is being set by default as demo user (#113681).
  • KB2 not honoring Inactive setting for NDCs (#106694).

KB Web Enhancements

  • The Medical Policy QA report was updated so it could be generated by more than one entity (#112422).
  • The Medical Policy Maintenance report was updated so it could be generated by more than one entity (#112429).
  • The Medical Policy Management and the Rule Management screens have been updated to include links to allow the team to create rules from those screens (#112858 & #112514).
  • The search field in Template Management was updated to recognize brackets when searching for templates (#113091).