Release 8.8

Release date: January 21, 2022

Connect Enhancements

  • Updated the NantHealth Privacy Policy on Connect, Advisor, and KB Web (#116194).
  • Updated the NantHealth Terms of Use on Connect, Advisor, and KB Web (#115588).
  • Updated the Appeals status to be clearer to users:
    • On the MO Review Screen, updated the Review Decision label to include Appeals (#114919).
    • Updated the Appeals Review Decision options to display Decision Overturned or Decision Upheld (#114919).
    • Updated the MO, Patient Management, and Payer Dashboards to display the modified statuses for Appeals (#115082):
      • Appeal – Upheld Eviti Code Not Issued
      • Appeal – Overturned Eviti Code
    • Updated the Treatment Plan Summary to display the modified Appeals status (#115130).

Internal Enhancements

  • Established a single sign-on (SSO) from a payer portal to Connect’s Payer Dashboard for integration testing in a pre-production environment (#113170, #114927, #115363, #115365 & #115605).

KB Web Enhancements

  • Biosimilars Solution Phase 1:
    • Completed backend work to support the Generic Drug Family Group concept (#114927).
    • Generic Drug Family Management (#115155).
  • Medical Policy: Added editing functionality to the URL section (#115121).
  • Added more biomarker groups (#116558).
  • Reverted format of recently updated KB reports (#115145):
    • Medical Policy QA
    • Medical Policy Maintenance
    • Pathway Policy UAT
  • Resolved: Supportive care templates and filters do not load on creating a Supportive Drug Exclude Rule (#114862).

Resolved Issues

  • Drug Jx Prompts (Chemotherapy) display requires modification for EZ Path regimens.
  • Oncology Provider\Provider Admin\Clinical admin Registration: Hide Autoimmune provider type in oncology end user registration (#114357).
  • Request to restrict User Friendly Label input to 40 characters ((#115713).
  • Server Error when updating Account Email Address via Payer Users tab (115604).
  • Delegated Entity: Ensure XML metadata uses correct recipient info (#116215).
  • Technical debt: Fix Compiler Warnings (#108868).