Release 8.9

Release date: April 1, 2022

Connect Enhancements

  • Added new Pending Eviti Review tab to the Payer Dashboard. This tab displays the treatment plans that were submitted but not yet reviewed by the Eviti Medical Office. These treatment plans also appear on the All Records tab (#116658).
  • Added new clock to capture the response time to return a peer-to-peer clinical discussion request:
    • Enhanced configuration (#117147)
    • Updated Change Owner screen (#116638)
    • Updated MO dashboard (#117152)
  • On the Cost Savings dashboard, modified the display in the upper grid (#117328).
  • Expanded the character limit of the warning message in the formulary redirect feature (#11860).
  • Users can now search for regimens that contain brackets in the title (#116634).
  • Updated the application footer (Eviti Connect and Eviti Advisor):
    • Updated the last modified date to January 21, 2022 in the Privacy Policy (#116891) and Terms of Use (#116884).
    • Removed conflict of interest link (#116715).
    • Added link to the NantHealth Do No Sell My Information page (#116887).

KB Web Enhancements

  • Users can now add generic drug families to regimens (#114928 & 117247).
  • Updated Drug Replacement Management to include generic drug families (#117782).
  • Added drug justification prompts to the PIE report (#117777).
  • The link associated to a source now appears below the source’s name in the Sources tab (#117421).

Resolved Issues

  • KB Web: Dosing method edits are not reflected in the regimen tree after the user clicks save (#117975).
  • KB Web: The user returns to the top of the regimen after they click Save when adding drug to a regimen (#117977)